Who We Are

Glowganics was founded in 2017 as a home based business. Back in the year, I had a sudden allergic skin reaction to one of the products that I had used. Having tried all the remedies and with all in vain, I put efforts in researching and creating something for myself to cure this problem. I succeeded in doing so and then had the idea of launching something for the people. With this, we started our product, Scrub, for skin acne and allergies. The product was an immense success immediately after launch and on popular demand of our customers, we decided to expand and create further products. Currently we are offering eight (8) products.

I put days of research and testing into my products before they are launched for the end-user. The aim is to strive for excellence in my products so that our customers get the best results in economical prices. As with any skin care products, there are different skin types and my products are safe for every skin type. Still there remains a chance that due to any certain issue, a product may not work well with one of the consumers due to underlying skin issues. However, to date, I haven’t heard any adverse reactions from any of my customers and my success speaks for itself.
Currently, we are only delivering in Pakistan however with your cooperation and support, we will soon be expanding internationally. We hope to deliver the best in competitive prices.